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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cole's Spiritual Journey

Cole is approaching his First Communion. So we’ve been preparing him for the big event by studying his “little golden book” and yesterday we participated in a retreat together…Admittedly, I wasn’t too thrilled leaving work early to attend a two-hour spiritual event with my son. Isn't that a pitiful statement?…If there is one true purpose for my existence here on earth, it is most certainly to be a good mom. And there I was, complaining about spending two hours of quality time with my youngest offspring. Yes, shame on me. Because I needed the retreat more than Cole.

Anyway, enough of my confessional… on to a few little tidbits to make you smile. Cole, as we all know, has an interesting mind – as do many kids. But somehow the kid rouses a smile in me when I least expect it.

1) Worksheet exercise: In what ways does your family show their love for you? Cole’s response: "They feed and water me."
2) Worksheet exercise: Write an example of different types of prayer (praise, contrition, petition, etc). For thanksgiving? Cole's response, “I’m thankful for this bountiful turkey.” Okay, thanksgiving. I get it.
3) On discussing the importance of meditation and listening to God as Eli was called by God, Cole nods in understanding. Then he says, “Do you suppose we get to eat the bread we made today?”

Apparently God was speaking through Cole’s tummy.

No matter, Cole is showing signs of spiritual development as he is quite a caring little boy…and he can’t wait for his First Communion. He is especially looking forward to the wine. Good sign. Good sign.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Child Is This?

So today Cole and I trudge back to the old farm to see what project Doug is working on. I happen to have my Blackberry and snap this photo because it warms my heart to see father-son stuff going on.

Thank God for fathers right? To teach them how to drill things, drive cars and what? Shoot guns??? While we stood around in the cool breeze with sun shining, Doug mentions to Cole that we need to take his new gun out. Shoot some of the birds back here. I sit quietly, thinking about the birds and how Cole will probably be excited to shoot his gun. But you know what he says?

"What? No! We can't shoot the birds. Can't we just shoot at the barn?"

Ah. Lovely words indeed. My son. While testosterone invades his little body, he's still pretty darn sensitive.

Later today...

I ask Cole if he wants to read Diary of Wimpy Kid(Part 3) with me. He does, so we're reading along when Doug pokes his head around the corner.

"Cole? Wanna play some catch?"

And without a glance, he's up and out the door with his Dad. Sensitive or not, he's still a boy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet Spring It Is!

Ahhhh. Isn't it nice to sit down and realize that part of your exhaustion was from spending some time outside??? Yes, I took our Christmas lights and decorations down this evening. And just a shade before the vernal equinox.

I'm wondering if the pervasive "happy" bug will make it through this impending snow shower that's coming. Will Karen Carpenter's voice quit singing in my ear? (Why do birds suddenly appear...) Will we appropriately return to wearing our bulky winter coats that we all despise by now? Undoubtedly, the kids won't. They'd wear sweatshirts in fifteen degree weather if they could.

Well, my brain is apparently suffering from spring fog, because I can't seem to quit staring at the TV as Doug teaches our kids the subtleties of a NCAA basketball pool. It's really kinds of sweet. Everything is sweet right now...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What to Write?

Undoubtedly, I've become a little lax on my's a secret: been working on another novel and I only have so much capacity to type before the joints in my 40ish fingers start to ache.

A number of topics dance in my mind. My sweet and purple-haired daughter. My adorable but deceitful son. (We made him watch Liar Liar last night to teach him a, there's a lot more sexual content in that show than I remember. Wonder if he really learned a lesson.) Dog lovers. Cat lovers. Hamster lovers. (Is there really such a thing?) Friends. My hubby. Cross that one out. Doug doesn't love to be featured in these blogs...Work. (Who doesn't want to hear more about that magical industry called FINANCE?) Okay, I got it. The topic that everyone can relate.

American Idol...

Is it just me, or am I the only person who CRIES on every single episode??? I was really happy to see Kara breakdown this week. I'm not the only nut. A few other thoughts:

*Our adorable Iowan is GONE! Damn, that girl could sing...but apparently, we midwesterners were too busy complaining about the dreary weather to get her voted back on. And apparently the lack of AT&T coverage discourages us to text.
*I was so hoping that Alex would finally bring back the mullet. (Remember how long it took wide-legged pants to return?) Seriously, I loved the kid. He was my favorite of the guys. I think even Kaitlyn (who was already kicked off) was crying for him more than herself. Did anyone else catch that? Sweet Iowa girl.
*My current faves - Lacey (her song made me sob!) and Didi...she gave Stevie Nicks a run with an awesome rendition of Rhiannon. According to me at least...And of course, Big Mike is completely loveable. I'd like to see him lift Ryan Seacrest above his arms. Wouldn't that be cute?

Next week, they take on the Rolling Stones. I'm predicting Katie will do a Muzak version of Brown Sugar. Now that could really make me cry.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lessons from Hawaii

It's been a week since we made it home from the island and I've hardly bored anyone with stories of now I will share a few lessons learned from the trip.

1) I need to learn how to unwind...took me two days to get over my headache and put away my Blackberry. Once I decided it was okay to walk leisurely on the beach (without the intention of burning calories) or lay around by the pool (and not worry about my back fat sitting over my swimsuit top) and put my Blackberry away, I really started to feel human again.
2) My daughter is becoming too cute for her own good.
3) My son's sense of humor is eerily resembling his grandpa Ron's.
4) My parents are fun. But visiting with my mother is more enjoyable when we're both drinking wine.
5) No matter how much digital photography progresses, I will never, ever snap good pictures. See these huge, massive incredible humpback whales?

Neither do I...but at least I wasn't using my phone.

On a completely different note...watching Idol right now and just listened to Katie perform. She needs to figure out her "singing style". Apparently she's gonna have to do some research on the Internet...My clever daughter suggested she take a Facebook test. It can tell you everything from what kind of Jedi to what kind of vampire you are. Certainly Katie will find her singing style.