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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Your Turn

Countless ballgames. Alex's birthday–along with her adventures in Drivers Ed. Completing Charles Dicken’s ambitious Great Expectations. I’ve had a plethora of blog material, yet my blog has sat idle. (I have scribbled a few lines here and there on my never-ending project, aka, my novel.) But the true reason that I have failed to commit to my writing goals? Words with Friends. While I downloaded the game ages ago, I never really played. Now, that I've got a few games going with my dearest of friends (and kids), I find myself somewhat...ADDICTED. I'm sneaking peeks at breakfast. On my lunch hour. After work. Then! I'm calling my friends terrible names when they place those 45 point words. Will our friendships survive? Who came up with the name Words with "friends" anyway?

I knew I had a problem when I was a few minutes late to Cole's ballgame tonight because I was coming up with a stupid word. (It was only worth nine points.) Guess what? I missed his only homerun of the season. Okay, perhaps I need to learn this word: PRIORITY.

Now, here are some kids who know how to put their iPods away and play in the sand.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baseball Romance

The running joke in our family is that my husband's mistress is named "Lily". We can't decide if she was borne from Blazing Saddle's character Lilly Von Schtupp or The Who's peppy song "Pictures of Lily." Doesn't matter really.

I decided today that with 85 percent of our life consumed with America's favorite pastime, that Lily is real. She's called baseball.

Almost symbolically, a stargazer bloomed this weekend-a very pretty lily!