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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wicked Awesome!

Just got back from vacation last weekend, and I have a great idea for a short story. It goes something like this:

An Iowa farmer sells all his ground to buy a lobster boat and relocate his family to Boston. The farmer befriends an old fisherman at an Irish pub. The old fisherman decides to bequeath his Red Sox tickets to the farmer.

The end.

I think the telltale sign of a good vacation as that we're already nostalgic about our trip. It seems that the Boston accent hasn't quite left our brain yet. (Get in the cah! Wouldja! We're wicked late!)  We've already scanned the hundreds of revolutionary and not-so-revolutionary photos on our camera and iPhones. Doug, who has been a staunch Bud-liter for years, bought himself some Sam Adams already. And, of course, we watched Fever Pitch.

You always worry about vacations turning out to be more work than what they're worth. This vacation just happened to snap into place. It was the perfect combination of history and fun.  (The kids might argue we overdid the history tours and didn't quite do enough swimming, but I think the ratio was just about perfect.) We all agree we could've taken in one more Red Sox game. Our walk to Yawkey Way was certainly the highlight. I'm not sure the team could've set up a more exciting game for us. Trailing 7-2, the Red Sox came back to win in the bottom of the 9th. We didn't wanted to leave Fenway as the Drop Kick Murphy's continued to blast through the speakers. Thirty minutes later, we finally decided it was time to head back to the hotel...(Usually we always try to dodge out of a stadium as quickly as we can.) I swear my husband was converted that night.

But the Red Sox aren't everything there was to Boston. Beyond all of the history that revolves around the city (the USS Constitution–"Old Ironsides," the Boston Tea Party, Bunker Hill...), you couldn't help be caught up in their spirit of education! Apparently, half the population is made up of students. Like Hahvahd. Where they make you smahtah. And MIT are comprised of a bunch of clever pranksters–who convert buildings into awesome droids like r2d2. These same students are recruited by some of the most noteworthy companies in the country. That's who I want working for me!

Now, we're back and it always feels good to come home and look over the pretty fields of Iowa. Looking back, I can't say, there isn't anything we didn't do that I wish we would have. Oh, except for maybe one...we didn't get to glance at the Patriot's quarterback. That would've been nice. Maybe next time.