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Saturday, April 21, 2012

be the change you wish to see in the world

Like my new treasure? I'm still trying to figure out where to put the canvas. In the meantime, I'll keep it on my messy dining room. And try to absorb Gandhi's wise words.

After today's soccer game, our entire family went grocery shopping. (Any of you moms cringing at the idea of a family load tagging along?) It actually began quite lovely when my husband handed off a charitable donation to the local Boy Scout troupe for the food pantry. Good Karma. But when I saw the tribe lingering around the donuts, I knew we were in for a ride. I harshly waved them off the pile of pastries. Then we had our share of tiffs for the next hour. You see, I'm determined to reduce the amount of sugar we eat.

A friend of mine, who happens to be winning a battle with breast cancer, told me about research she's done on the correlation between sugar and cancer. It got me to thinking. Am I poisoning my kids? Every time I let them have another cupcake or Twinkie? Is it just one more step to their doom? Even if it's not cancer, certainly diabetes is a consideration. What kind of mother am I? Really? If I love my family, I'd teach them about healthier alternatives. It's easy to become lazy when you're in a constant state of drive, drive, drive. (Does anyone else agree that April rivals December in terms busYness?) I remember my best friend once telling me that she let her young daughter eat Cheetos once for breakfast. It was just one of those mornings. We've all been there. But it seems, I'm there too frequently. Giving in to Cheetos at breakfast, that is. Now It's time to toughen up. Feed my family right. Teach them how to eat. I need a mantra! Oh, I got it! "Long Live my Family."

It might take a little more work to wash the grapes, cut the apples, sauté some veggies, or even slice up some cheeses. But I think I can find some value in the activity...much more than opening a gooey wrapper.

If you're interested in reading more about the toxicity of sugar, take a look at this article from The New York Times Is Sugar Toxic? I found it thought-provoking.  And I know how I can make a small change in the world.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Remember Your Courage

So, I went to a women’s conference last week. And it seems I've been full of The Carpenters lately. You know. ”Such a feeling’s comin' over me. La la la la la la la la la la la. (Skip to chorus.) I’m on top of the wo-orld, lookin' down on cre-ation. And the only explanation I can find...hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.” I pretty much make up my own lyrics after that. The point is, I feel...wait for it...content. 

Some random observations as to why?

  • Cole climbed a tree, like "Katniss." He's been playing the Hunger Games with his buddies–not as Avatars or online, as in going outside and re-enacting. No, not really killing other kids to the death. But he was GOING OUTSIDE! Alleluia.
  • I decided to be more thankful for my job. It's a good job. Unemployment's rampant. And I'm working.
  • It occurred to me that my most important purpose in this world is raising my kids. I can't believe the apple didn't hit me in the head sooner. Deep down I've always known that. So, I need to get those kids to more all the other good moms.
  • My husband makes me laugh. It's why I picked him out of the whole bunch. (There really is a joke in that sentence. He'll get it.)
  • When loved ones give you a health scare, perspective comes fast and furious. I will never hesitate to say I love you.
  • This week my daughter, Alex, casted Michael Keaton to play the role of Julius Caesar. And of course Robert Downey Jr. will play Brutus! Genius. I like discussing these critical matters with my daughter.
  • My parents saw The Hunger Games on Easter. They are a very cool retired couple.
  • Lastly, I MET JEANNETTE WALLS! FAMOUS AUTHOR OF THE GLASS CASTLE THIS WEEK! IN A RESTROOM IN OMAHA! I just wrote a review of her book a few weeks ago in my other blog.  Admittedly, I was a bit star struck, so my words seemed to lounge around in my stomach. But she caught the drift of my communication and was quite lovely. I'm not sure if she considers me her new BFF, but she did address me by my first name. That's something.
Anyway, the best part of the week bedsides Easter? For the conference, we all had to come up with an "intention" upon registration. (This was done a few months ago, so I had not remembered what I had written.) As it turns out, I was surprised to see my intention as: 

"Remember my courage." 

Think I'll use it for the rest of 2012. It's applicable for just about any situation. Try it out.