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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Simply A Book Review

I've been into a bit of history lately. This IS a novel, but it's an historical novel. Don't let the title fool you...

Book Review for Between Shades of Gray

Monday, February 11, 2013

You Can't Handle the Truth

Except for a sprinkling of a headache, I had a pretty good weekend. It was the perfect blend of kids' activities, family time and adult socializing. At one point we were driving home from Cole’s final basketball game of the season (sans his sister) and I piped up with a bit of commentary.

“These games have been fun to watch, haven't they? So enjoyable! I’m really going to miss attending them.”

Candid Cole
Doug nodded, smiling in agreement.  He might’ve been thinking about one of Cole’s fast breaks at the time. Then something else occurred to me, so I added:

“I don’t remember enjoying Alex’s basketball games that much. She was just so….nervous. Like she didn’t want to be there."

My hubby didn't disagree. As a matter of fact, he went so far to say that he found attending her games "really frustrating to watch."

Obviously, we love Alex and wouldn't want to hurt her feelings, so we wouldn't ever tell her those things. We're just happy to be beyond her Little Cyclone Ball phase. 

So, what gives me the courage to write this up in a blog, which my daughter happens to read? Because, despite the fact my son is a well-known liar (Have you brushed your teeth-YES! Have you had any pop today-NO! Did you play your xbox today-NO!), he was brutally honest in relating this very conversation to his sister.

Damn sibling rivalries. 

Alex...LISTENING to her brother?
This only child can't relate. Cole felt the need to relish in the fact that we enjoy his games. And we mostly endured Alex's. But my goodness. It isn't as if Alex is a slouch (in areas that don't necessarily pertain to athletics). But apparently, he has grown tired of her limelight. But this is what eats at me just a teensy bit. It wasn't so much his haughty smile he tossed at his sister during the discourse–she does that to him all the time. It was his quick action to throw his parents under the bus. It scared me just a bit. Hope it doesn't become habit-forming. But I will say this. At least the kid found his honest spot.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pressure is Off!

My kids: comfortable in their skin!

“I had the best day today!” My 11-year-old professed to me.

“Oh yeah?” I commented with mild interest. Cole often has good days. It only takes a cheeseburger at lunchtime to elevate his mood. “So, what made the day so great?”

“I decided to stop showing off. And all the pressure just went away!”

I hadn’t realized the kids was under so much pressure to perform. I was actually a bit baffled until he clarified. “I don’t want any girlfriends right now, Mom. It’s just too much work.”

Ah. That makes sense. Now that the pressure’s off, Cole can get back to his daily fart stories. Much better. But his initial declaration, to stop showing off, got me to thinking. What if we all stopped showing off? Wouldn’t we all have less stress in our life?

I could save a heckuva lot of time on my morning routine--no cosmetics, hairstyling, or my painstaking selection of clothes/shoes/accessories to wear. But I'd scare the living daylights out of my family and my coworkers. And I could’ve saved a truckload of money if I would’ve stuck with my car from college–that beloved 1985 Buick Somerset. But if we all thought that way, the auto companies might've gotten themselves into some financial troubles. Oh wait...

Needless to say, I do remember waking up one morning not terribly long ago and thinking to myself, "I'm okay with my Ford Fusion. I don't need anything fancier than that." It seems as we grow older, we finally start to feel comfortable with every aspect of our lives. Cole discovered a small truth this week–that I doubt will stick once he falls head over heels in love again. But he reminded me that feeling comfortable in your own skin is the best way to live. And I really don't need a new car.