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Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Child Is This?

So today Cole and I trudge back to the old farm to see what project Doug is working on. I happen to have my Blackberry and snap this photo because it warms my heart to see father-son stuff going on.

Thank God for fathers right? To teach them how to drill things, drive cars and what? Shoot guns??? While we stood around in the cool breeze with sun shining, Doug mentions to Cole that we need to take his new gun out. Shoot some of the birds back here. I sit quietly, thinking about the birds and how Cole will probably be excited to shoot his gun. But you know what he says?

"What? No! We can't shoot the birds. Can't we just shoot at the barn?"

Ah. Lovely words indeed. My son. While testosterone invades his little body, he's still pretty darn sensitive.

Later today...

I ask Cole if he wants to read Diary of Wimpy Kid(Part 3) with me. He does, so we're reading along when Doug pokes his head around the corner.

"Cole? Wanna play some catch?"

And without a glance, he's up and out the door with his Dad. Sensitive or not, he's still a boy.

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