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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cole's Spiritual Journey

Cole is approaching his First Communion. So we’ve been preparing him for the big event by studying his “little golden book” and yesterday we participated in a retreat together…Admittedly, I wasn’t too thrilled leaving work early to attend a two-hour spiritual event with my son. Isn't that a pitiful statement?…If there is one true purpose for my existence here on earth, it is most certainly to be a good mom. And there I was, complaining about spending two hours of quality time with my youngest offspring. Yes, shame on me. Because I needed the retreat more than Cole.

Anyway, enough of my confessional… on to a few little tidbits to make you smile. Cole, as we all know, has an interesting mind – as do many kids. But somehow the kid rouses a smile in me when I least expect it.

1) Worksheet exercise: In what ways does your family show their love for you? Cole’s response: "They feed and water me."
2) Worksheet exercise: Write an example of different types of prayer (praise, contrition, petition, etc). For thanksgiving? Cole's response, “I’m thankful for this bountiful turkey.” Okay, thanksgiving. I get it.
3) On discussing the importance of meditation and listening to God as Eli was called by God, Cole nods in understanding. Then he says, “Do you suppose we get to eat the bread we made today?”

Apparently God was speaking through Cole’s tummy.

No matter, Cole is showing signs of spiritual development as he is quite a caring little boy…and he can’t wait for his First Communion. He is especially looking forward to the wine. Good sign. Good sign.

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