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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet Spring It Is!

Ahhhh. Isn't it nice to sit down and realize that part of your exhaustion was from spending some time outside??? Yes, I took our Christmas lights and decorations down this evening. And just a shade before the vernal equinox.

I'm wondering if the pervasive "happy" bug will make it through this impending snow shower that's coming. Will Karen Carpenter's voice quit singing in my ear? (Why do birds suddenly appear...) Will we appropriately return to wearing our bulky winter coats that we all despise by now? Undoubtedly, the kids won't. They'd wear sweatshirts in fifteen degree weather if they could.

Well, my brain is apparently suffering from spring fog, because I can't seem to quit staring at the TV as Doug teaches our kids the subtleties of a NCAA basketball pool. It's really kinds of sweet. Everything is sweet right now...

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