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Saturday, March 13, 2010

What to Write?

Undoubtedly, I've become a little lax on my's a secret: been working on another novel and I only have so much capacity to type before the joints in my 40ish fingers start to ache.

A number of topics dance in my mind. My sweet and purple-haired daughter. My adorable but deceitful son. (We made him watch Liar Liar last night to teach him a, there's a lot more sexual content in that show than I remember. Wonder if he really learned a lesson.) Dog lovers. Cat lovers. Hamster lovers. (Is there really such a thing?) Friends. My hubby. Cross that one out. Doug doesn't love to be featured in these blogs...Work. (Who doesn't want to hear more about that magical industry called FINANCE?) Okay, I got it. The topic that everyone can relate.

American Idol...

Is it just me, or am I the only person who CRIES on every single episode??? I was really happy to see Kara breakdown this week. I'm not the only nut. A few other thoughts:

*Our adorable Iowan is GONE! Damn, that girl could sing...but apparently, we midwesterners were too busy complaining about the dreary weather to get her voted back on. And apparently the lack of AT&T coverage discourages us to text.
*I was so hoping that Alex would finally bring back the mullet. (Remember how long it took wide-legged pants to return?) Seriously, I loved the kid. He was my favorite of the guys. I think even Kaitlyn (who was already kicked off) was crying for him more than herself. Did anyone else catch that? Sweet Iowa girl.
*My current faves - Lacey (her song made me sob!) and Didi...she gave Stevie Nicks a run with an awesome rendition of Rhiannon. According to me at least...And of course, Big Mike is completely loveable. I'd like to see him lift Ryan Seacrest above his arms. Wouldn't that be cute?

Next week, they take on the Rolling Stones. I'm predicting Katie will do a Muzak version of Brown Sugar. Now that could really make me cry.

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I am P said...

Hey there!! I have been really lax lately, but blogged today, and saw your's and wanted to stop by!!

Ah, AI!! I was almost ready to stop watching this year, as it has been at times painful to watch. Fave's in the P house are BIG MIKE and Crystal Bowersox. Sorry that one of your fave's, Lacey got the boot last night. I really liked Alex too, Lee too, he's pretty good, a couple of others, no one really has that "WOW" factor this's kinda boring at times!!