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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lessons from Hawaii

It's been a week since we made it home from the island and I've hardly bored anyone with stories of now I will share a few lessons learned from the trip.

1) I need to learn how to unwind...took me two days to get over my headache and put away my Blackberry. Once I decided it was okay to walk leisurely on the beach (without the intention of burning calories) or lay around by the pool (and not worry about my back fat sitting over my swimsuit top) and put my Blackberry away, I really started to feel human again.
2) My daughter is becoming too cute for her own good.
3) My son's sense of humor is eerily resembling his grandpa Ron's.
4) My parents are fun. But visiting with my mother is more enjoyable when we're both drinking wine.
5) No matter how much digital photography progresses, I will never, ever snap good pictures. See these huge, massive incredible humpback whales?

Neither do I...but at least I wasn't using my phone.

On a completely different note...watching Idol right now and just listened to Katie perform. She needs to figure out her "singing style". Apparently she's gonna have to do some research on the Internet...My clever daughter suggested she take a Facebook test. It can tell you everything from what kind of Jedi to what kind of vampire you are. Certainly Katie will find her singing style.

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