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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Courage, Smourage

So we're leaving for church last Sunday and I'm quickly taking the dog's bed outside for the day. Even though we're pressed to walk into church just a lick before the bells ring, I'm stopped in my tracks. Lo and behold, a serpentine guest is curled before me. I drop the bed and get myself back onto the car with lightning speed.

"Kids! Go put Percy's bed on the porch."

Of course, they knew something was up. And since we were on our way to church, I felt obligated to tell the truth. (Anyone catching the biblical themes in my story?) Anyway, my little cowards wouldn't do it. So, I bucked up. And when I ran back out, I saw something more disturbing. The snake slithered into a hole positioned in the midst of my flower bed.

Not good. So much for living without fear, huh?(See prior posts.)

Well, tonight I finally made it out to the scary bed to pull a few weeds. Although a bit jumpy, I was able to get some fresh air for once. With my trusty terrier by my side in case of a reptile attack. Pretty brave, heh? I must admit, it was quite worth the adventure.

My irises...only a few inches from the snake's lair.

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