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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Things that are Awesome

I came across an amusing blog that posted "Things that are Awful." But in the spirit of the holiday, I'm determined to keep a sugar and spice angle. So, instead of thinking about things that are awful, I started to think about things that are awesome.

My kids showing their love? Awesome.

  • kids, or anyone for that matter, who don't have cell phones
  • iPhones (I recognize the paradox in the list)
  • kids who send their own money to charity...with no coaxing
  • high school vocal concerts–I say that in complete sincerity,
  • The Wall Street Journal's 2011 review in books...So many books. So little time.
  • Matt Damon, obviously
  • bazillions of little girls dressed up in taffeta, tulle, and striped leggings (I admit it! I'm jealous!)
  • underdogs and upsets (What are those pesky Broncos considered these days?)
  • Tom Brady (Ha! Disclaimer: this list is based on aesthetic appeal only. However, as I write the Pats lead...)
  • stinky, lazy dogs who once roamed the ditches and now rule a home
  • reruns of the big bang theory to waste two hours of our time three nights a week
  • blue twinkle lights to remind us of the phenomena of electricity and how happy a blinking light makes us feel
  • The Waitresses Christmas Wrapping (As far as Christmas tunes goes, it's a great blend of quirky, joyful, and snap.)
  • laughing at Saturday Night Live with my hubby and dreaming of going back to NYC soon so we can almost puke in a cab ride
  • lists
  • my son's thrice, daily check of gifts under the Christmas tree
That's it for now. Lot's of awesome stuff. How many awesome things do you spy this week before Christmas?

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