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Monday, December 26, 2011

Mothers, Daughters, and Christmas Miracles

While it seems that my daughter and I tend to differ on a number of things (including a tendency to question maternal figures in our lives), the other day we agreed on something. And it struck it me! Often our opinions collide. We're not so different. She and I.

I decided to keep a list on the convergence of our thoughts.

  • Tantrums over fancy smart phones=dumb. 
  • Twitter supersedes Facebook in terms of ease of use and an overall coolness factor. 
  • Saturday Night Live is hilarious and worth sitting at home for. I hope she always agrees with me on this. For the rest of her life.
  • We eat too much hamburger. (Even the word turns in my tummy.)The boys in our house will disagree and might even make an argument out of this point.
  • Dialogue is what makes literature memorable. "It a truth universally acknowledged..."
  • The return of Beavis and Butthead is...AWESOME. Uhh...Uhhh.
  • The Lion King might possibly be the best animated film ever.

And now for the miracle. After four months of losing our beloved cat, guess who we found on the front steps of St. Joseph's Church before Mass? It was none other than Skye! With a bit of wear and tear no doubt. But unmistakably our cat. Two people in our family seemed...indifferent about the glorious find. But two of us (my daughter and I) knew we had witnessed a Christmas miracle. Awww. Just look at him.

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