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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kids of Summer!

You know your kids are awesome when he or she:

-still wants to do makeovers, at the age of 14...even though she will make you look like a scary wicked witch.
-calls you with tears in his voice, because you're not home yet and it's thundering, while his Dad is in the shower so as not to appear...less than a man.
-negotiates higher fees for a lost tooth with a gold filling.
-needs Transformer folders for school, and she's not a little boy. And is entering high school.
-makes a fort half the size of the basement, using every available blanket, and insists we keep it up until his birthday. He has a plan. And an imagination bigger than this universe.
-has more faith in everyone than anyone I've ever seen. Just when you think YOU are supposed to be the teacher, she does something or says something that makes you realize what a remarkable child lady she is becoming.

Gotta go. It's time to grab these awesome kids and enjoy the day outside. They love it when I pull them outside. I think they love it anyway. They don't actually say they love it. They actually groan a bit. But within minutes, they are laughing. Mark my words. They will be laughing.

Goodness, they are cute!

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