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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So it's been hot right? Too hot to pull weeds...And perhaps I've been reading so much CS Lewis that I'm seeing my life in metaphors. So I came up with these maxims:

My pretty Phlox
My damn tomato plant

#1:"If you look past the weeds, you can find much beauty by just noticing the flowers." I know. Profound. Anyway - see my phlox? There is actually quite a mess of weeds underneath. Can't see it, can you?

#2: "If you plant a cherry tomato plant for the pure joy of it, there's nothing clever about controlling a mutant vegetable." Feed him Seymour. Okay, there's no metaphor in that, but seriously! I have a crazy, ugly vine going wild in a flower bed. And I'm the only person who will eat a tomato in the family. What was I thinking? Who knows.

Ah - but it's all in good fun. In six months these beds will be covered with the white, cold and fluffy stuff. Bet I won't be cursing the tomato plant then.

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