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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekend Journal-Boring or Perfect?

Friday night:  Pizza Hut! And a visit to the grocery store - my favorite. (NOT) Actually, I felt a bit smug strolling through the deserted aisles with my family, thinking about the fact that no complaints about my healthy choices would be hurled at me when we got home. ("Why didn't you get anything to eat??") HOWEVER, the trip was much pricier than usual as I found the cart laced with items like beer, ho-hos, frosted animal crackers, hot cocoa, etc. (UPDATE - most of these food-like substances were gone by end of weekend...except the beer. At least my grapes and apples last longer. Sometimes for weeks.)

Saturday: After sleeping in to that glorious hour of 8 AM, we weaseled ourselves into the vast storage tunnel of Christmas decorations! (Oh yes, it's always a grand day for us - a time when I weather Doug's cuss words with a smile as we try and remember how the damn lights are hung.)  Eventually, the deed got done.  We even allowed ourselves a trip to WalMart and splurged with one of those-there lawn ornaments. Pretty classy, heh?
 I was kind of thinking Christmas card? But wasn't sure if I wanted to go with the White Trash theme.
I won't continue with more boring details of the weekend, but let's just say it ended with food, books and movies. But if I had to nail down one aspect of the weekend that truly made it great, it had to be the quality and the frequency of the laughter. The Kramer recipe: each family member needs a few unique passions and peculiarities. (E.g., Jedi fetishes.) Tolerance and a penchant for giggling helps as well.  Oh - and don't forget  two or three bizarre pets, preferably saved from the depths of the gallows. They're always entertaining - because they really have a story to share.

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Rubi J said...

Love this family picture. The kids are adorable and Percy always has a smile and his face.