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Thursday, November 25, 2010

An Extra Dose of Gratitude

It's really not a big secret. A little gratitude goes a long way.  Remember that last time you sincerely felt thankful for something? Didn't the happiness fill you up from the bottom of your toes to the tip of your ears? Studies are now showing that it even improves your heath and well-being. I know it's true because I read it - here's the article. Thank You. No, Thank You Article by Melinda Beck of WSJ  It's just so insanely logical, isn't it?

Many of us on this American feasting day are undoubtedly thanking our lucky stars for family and friends. But something happened a few weeks ago that has given me an extra does of gratitude.

After church, I was asked, "Are you Alex Kramer's mother?"

Yikes... "Yes."

"Well, she just won $599 in the raffle drawing!"

 It was the Kramer family's lucky day! Of course, much to her dismay, she had to split her winnings with Cole. Just because that's life.  And, of course, since the parents purchased the raffle tix, we determined how the proceeds were to be spent. Each were to place $200 into their savings. As for the remaining $100? They could spend how they wish; however, a portion of it had to go to a charity of their choice. This is the good part - the results:

Cole:  $50 was sent to St. Jude's Hospital to help children fighting cancer. The other $50 went to the latest Spiderman Wii game. Yes, he decided to give $50 back to charity. Good for him.

But just wait.

Alex:  She sent her entire $100 to a charity called Love 146  which is devoted to help stop child sex slavery and exploitation. Not sure how she heard about it and we had a heck of a time explaining it to Cole. (We managed to avoid the topic actually.) I'm quite proud she felt so much empathy about a particular cause. I even asked if she was sure she wanted to donate the entire $100. "Yep. I don't need anything Mom." Then she showed me the website and told me a few heartbreaking stories.

Last week, the checks went into the mailbox. I'm pretty sure a few others will be feeling the gratitude of a few smalltown kids from Iowa in a couple days.

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