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Friday, July 16, 2010

Pee Wee Baseball

Okay, so I'm not trying to brag (well maybe a little), but I just walked in from throwing out the clippings of a philodendron and my kitchen smells deliciously of cookies freshly baked. The laundry room is still seeping of the Tide's Mountain breeze. And my floors aren't covered with dirt, food or the typical undistinguishable goo. And guess what else? The walls-dings got covered today. I hung that shadow box that was still in a box from our move, uhhhh, from six years ago, was it? That cat got its annual shots. Our car is washed. My zinnias are blooming. And suddenly I feel like a domestic Goddess!  Okay, I still have a bit of dusting to do. And my cupboards are still a mess. But I don't feel like a complete wash-up....ANYWAY, the real reason I wanted to post this blog was because at the beginning of the summer (despite all of the sadness of my grandmother fighting cancer), there was a very fun diversion going on in our life. Pee Wee baseball! A friend of ours has this $45,000 camera and took some very cool pics that just got emailed to us.  (Thank Lyn! Since I didn't once bring a camera.) So, I must share.

Does anyone believe that Pee Wee baseball is somewhat of a cult? I thought the night out and visiting with the Mom's was kind of nice - enjoyable, actually! Already, I miss it.  Cole was one of the youngest on a team of 16 boys, so he got his share of messing around in the dugout. But he got to play lots more than I thought he would. And it's so adorable to see your son in that little uniform. It'll bring a smile to any mom. But I tell you what - no one, I mean NO ONE, takes Pee Wee baseball more serious than the Dads. (See Cole's serious father to the right? Well, he is on the job, coaching a base here.) Holy cow. Don't even get a pee wee dad started. Whether you're talking about a kid stealing a base when the signal is given, or not swinging at a full count. Jiminy Crickets. It's serious stuff. Just ask them. Or, don't ask them.  Either way, we all look forward to another year of hitting, pitching, catching and "no crying in baseball." (Well, not sure if big sister will. Unless someone shows up with a really cute big brother...)

The Remarkable 2010 Earling Pee Wees Baseball Team


Rubi J said...

Remarkable, yes. I just think they are all so adorable. Just don't tell them. (Not manly enought)

Stef Kramer said...

Okay, my hubby just read the post and the only thing he said was "WHO HUNG THE SHADOW BOX?" So, here it is. He hung the shadow box. But it was upon my imploring...