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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Much to Do and See and Say and Hear

2nd day of vacation...a radio on one of the bank's network towers was struck by lightening. It's dead. Beauty. Actually, Joan handled the issue without really needing any of my help. But it just so happens that the handy Blackberry my company provides keeps me way too informed. (A benefit that just keeps giving.)

Today, enlightenment struck. I really don't have time for my job anymore. Not joking...
  1. Too many walls to repaint.
  2. Too many books to read.
  3. Too many books to write. Got a lot of ideas swimming in my head.
  4. Too many stories to tell my kids.
  5. Too many corners to dust.
  6. Too many clothes to launder. (If you think I sound like a clean freak, you're sorely mistaken. It's called about six months of catch-up.)
  7. Too many movies to watch.
  8. Too many stories to hear from my kids.
  9. Too many normal meals to make WITH my family that don't involve a frozen pizza. Too many questions to answer. "Mom? Mom? Mom?" (What do they do when I'm not here? I know for a fact their father has some sort of tonal deafness when their voices are activated.)
  10. Too many FUN things to do. The zoo was awesome (despite the 100 degree weather). Lots of laughter with the sweat rolling down our back. Enjoy the photo of a creature that I'm sure gets passed over by whenever a cocky shark or snappy sting-ray struts their fin.

Al  ELECTROFIED by some jelly fish...

Cole mesmerized by the silly-goose penguins...

And Doug ready to go and get some grub.

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Rubi J said...

I like the new name. As for the neverending list: Do what you can, enjoy what you do.