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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sentimental Summer

I've sure shed a lot of tears this summer...between the passing of my grandma and my dog, I can't seem to go a day without a dry eye. It's certainly made me reflective. Doug keeps asking me what I'm thinking about. Well. My grandma. My dog. My aunts. My cousins. My grandma. I put the quilt she made us for our wedding on the bed today.It doesn't at all fit, but I don't care. Of course, that made me me bawl like a baby. I pulled out the snapfish photos we received this week...great pictures of the dog. And my grandma. And my grandma with a dog...Niagara Falls down the cheeks...then I came across this photo on my nightstand as I was dusting and a big smile overtook my tears. My dad and my aunt Sandy. Look at that little fellow's spherical head! Look at Charlie Brown. And weren't my aunt's curls just so, so adorable? Of course, it made me a little teary. But in a good way.

Actually, the tears have been good. I love my family and have missed them more than I realize. It seems that I can finally rationalize a use for Facebook now that most of my family is on it. We can practically have a virtual family reunion. If only it reached out to the spiritual world...Grandma Shirley would be right there with us. :)

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