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Saturday, June 19, 2010


It seems I must say goodbye to a loyal companion of 16 years...most of you have met our dear old grounds keeper, Molly. A few days ago, in the unbearable Iowa humidity, before the storm, she decided to limp away to select her burial ground. She hasn't come back, and I find myself wallowing in a grief that I had a feeling was coming this summer.

Already I'll miss coming home to that wagging, trotting, drooling (is she actually smiling?) pet of mine every night. I'll miss how she made us laugh by playing tag with the cats. I'll miss how she reminded me to enjoy nature every time she started sniffing the air. I'll miss watching her utter joy of prancing with a left over t-bone in her jaw. I'll miss her on my walks. She's never missed one. Until this morning. And it was heartbreaking.

Goodbye, Molly. I love you, Girl. You were the best dog ever. No matter how many flower pots you broke.

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Rubi J said...

Good by, Molly. You were the best of the best.