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Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer's Bounty

My lilies are blooming, pee wee baseball has sadly come to an end and do you think my kids have been to the pool yet? Only for swim lessons. Bad Mom. Bad Mom. Yes, I know it's nearly the end of June. But tomorrow! Tomorrow, they finally get to partake in a dip. Oh, please let the sun shine hot and the rain stay away.

Tonight, we sat down for a meal together (at home) that wasn't made of concession nachos or hamburgers. It was, like, heavenly. I think we'll do it again tomorrow. Now we're sitting around, watching more baseball (sort of of us is watching anyway. The rest of us are kind of zoning with computers, IPods and books...) But we're all at peace because we're together.

And I can't imagine a better life at this very moment. Wishing you all the same relaxing moment.

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