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Friday, December 4, 2009

Law of Least Effort

According to Deepak, Wednesday is all about the "Law of Least Effort." This spiritual mantra means that often a better result will come when less effort is applied. I have some difficulty with this one since I was raised to believe hard work is the key to success. And for the most part, the hard work formula has worked for me. So, I've really tried to figure out when this spiritual law works. Well, most recently the shades began opening...

Every year, as I pull my Christmas decoration out of storage, I vow to make my house an inspiration of decor. Then I start working on some decorating task. Three hours later, I've usually created some abominable eye-sore. So lately, I've pulled back. And just throwing a few things together without much though seems to work better for me. So, this year I decided to let the kids decorate the tree. They're still working on it, as they feel like it. But I have to admit, so far it's my favorite tree.

I hate to admit it, but perhaps my kids will outsmart me with this particular spiritual law....however, note that it took me two days to blog on this theme. (I really wanted to pull out the laptop on Wednesday night to impart my knowledge to my mass of 8 followers. But I told myself NO! I'm tired and today is about the Law of Least Effort...)

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