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Saturday, November 21, 2009

This Weekend

It's 7:21 and my hubby is thinking of shutting off the combine and taking the family out to eat. I'm just happy that I'll see him for more than five minutes. And the kids are ecstatic NOT to have a home-cooked meal, compliments of Mom...

Alex got a real job today! She babysat completely adorable 18-month-old, Lily. And it sounds like she has a few more babysitting jobs lined nice to have her earning money that doesn't come out of my own account. We're both pretty happy...

So, my post is brief and somewhat lacking of material this Saturday night...because I've had a pretty busy social life lately. Last night I had a date with a vampire...tonight it's my hubby.

BTW...does everyone know that Johnny Depp is OFFICIALLY the sexiest man of the year? Boy, do I need some time with Doug...thoughts of cute vampires, buff werewolfs and hunky actors seem to preoccupy me.

Gotta go. Checking out my mascara and my outfit - which doesn't happen to be sweatpants tonight! Yahoo!

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