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Sunday, November 22, 2009


If you've ever had a conversation with my 8-year old son, chances are you didn't follow the entire discussion. I've listened as a third party to many of his visits, and usually I find myself interrupting to interpret his discourse. Honestly, I don't always follow him as such occasion occurred today as he and Doug were trying to communicate. But I couldn't even help today. Finally, I'm thinking that perhaps it's a generational thing so I asked Cole, "Do your friends always understand what you're talking about?"

Without hesitation he replied, "No.Usually they don't."

Okay then. So either I have a little genius on my hand (i.e., he's so intelligent, no one can understand him), or I....don't. Nonetheless, he's an interesting little creature. I was going through his papers later today and discovered this and was quite impressed.

I asked him if it was Chicago. He said, "No, it's New York City. See the Empire State Building?"

I nodded and agreed it was very good. Then I asked what was the assignment about.

"We had to draw a theme so people don't smoke. See my no smoking sign there?"

Of course. Say no to smoking. Otherwise, you might miss sight-seeing in New York. How could I not follow that line of reasoning?

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