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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Operation Turkey

I just finished making my brine and turkey is resting comfortably in the "stew." There's really something to say about unwrapping your first turkey. I couldn't help but stare and think to myself, "Here it is - in its virgin form. Now, don't screw it up."

A few weeks ago Amy and I walked through Williams Sonoma - where I purchased my turkey baster and picked up a "free" Thanksgiving holiday guide. I had never even heard of the word "brine" before that day. Now, I'm feeling quite knowledgeable about the process. (I also googled the process to death during those many-a-times when I found myself waiting next to a corn bin to move my hubby to another field.) I'm hoping to get into a good conversation on Thursday about brining. It makes me sound so, so...domestic! I must admit, it's kind of exciting.

Anyway, note positive, eager attitude as the countdown to serving the Kramer family begins...Tomorrow night the roasting commences, along with the pumpkin pie bake. I'l keep you posted.

Oh -- for those of you who'd like to know my "Brine" recipe:

Simmer the following for 15 minutes until all dissolved:

2 quarts of vegetable stock
1/2 C white sugar
1/2 C salt
1 TBS sage
1 TBS rosemary
1 TBS thyme

Add two quarts of cold water. Pour into turkey bag (with the turkey in it). Let sit in fridge over night.

Before roasting, you're supposed to rinse all brine...that's all I know for now!

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