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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Post Mortem

Apparently I've been on a blog holiday! Or, just maybe I've been too busy??? Never! Just been trying to live in the moment and enjoy my family a bit...since Doug's been prohibited from dancing in the fields, he usually keeps my head in the game, or in other words, off the computer. So, real quickly before I make my kids take a walk with me...

Halloween officially makes me sad as my kids want no part of me...until they come crashing down at 11:00 P.M. from a sugar high and decide it's okay to crawl into my lap. (I'LL TAKE IT!!!) Seeing little Catherine and Mikey in their puffy kitty and dragon costumes made me ache for the days when your babies had absolutely no say in what they wore...then I noticed how their mothers get so little rest and maybe I'm okay with my aging children .How tired Amy and Susie must be all the time! I should've counted how many times I heard "Mommy!"

On a completely different note...

Parent-teacher conferences always make me reflect on my silly perfectionistic worldview.

"Yes, her kindness to others makes me almost as proud of her good grades." Almost? Almost as proud? What kind of monster am I? Her kindness makes me MORE proud than any of her good grades. Really.


"So, what does he need to do to get into accelerated math?" I didn't actually say this about my 2nd grader, but I thought it. He's borderline. And yes, I'm proud he's doing so well that he was considered for accelerated math. Even though he didn't make it...

Okay, the fresh air is a calling... moral of this week's events? Don't forget to enjoy your kids. Don't forget to be proud of them. Don't forget to show them your love. And don't be afraid to let them grow up.

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