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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mom Sutras and Love

I just finished reading Deepak Chopra's PATH TO LOVE: SPIRITUAL STRATEGIES FOR HEALING. It was a pretty amazing book, to say the least. In one section, Deepak shares many of his personal sutras (or inspirations) such as:

"The mind judges what is good or bad. Love brings only good."

Or, one of my favorites...

"Dreams come true when they are held quietly in the heart."

Deepak encourages everyone to keep a notebook and write any sutra that comes to you in any given moment. So, since last night, I've been waiting for moments of inspiration to appear so I can share my sutras with the world. So far...

"There is truly a difference in having my hair professionally-colored, as opposed to using Sun-In."
"I need to wash my living room pillow cases more often. They look pretty without food stains."
"I'm not sure if I'm ever going to lose those five pounds."
"Headaches make me sad."
"Sunshine makes me happy."

Pretty deep stuff. Just for fun, I decided to ask my kids to tell me a few of their own sutras.

Alex: "The other night, I had a sutra! It was a song that I'm working on..." Unfortunately that's all she could tell me. It was too personal to share since it was about a crush.

Cole: "What? I don't have a song!" So, I explain in more detail the definition of sutras. He stopped me in mid-sentence. "Never had one. Never will." Of course, he was in the middle of a heated DS battle.

So maybe they're a little young. Maybe I'm a little young. Ooh! Gotta go. Outrageous Pumpkins showing on the Food Network. Maybe some sutras will come to me.

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