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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Elements of Telling a Tale

My daughter often accuses me of exaggerating the truth to create a more interesting story. I disagree - she and I just perceive things a bit differently. However, I must relate recent events so perhaps we can put an end to accusations.

So yesterday Alex and I decide to take a walk on the first fine fall day in six hundred years. (Okay, that was an exaggeration.) We are trudging up suicide hill when all of the sudden a blood-curling scream echos throughout Shelby County. The scream is coming from none other than Alex. And yes, it's another snake sighting. We run, opposite direction from our house. When we get a safe enough distance away from the creature (that I never did see), we stop to strategize. How are we going to get back?

There is no other choice. We make a run for it, back the way we came, and take our chances that the snake won't get us. My advice to Alex..."keep looking up and run fast."

Luckily we make it home, safely. Then she describes the snake that I never saw.

"It was HUGE. It had a great big diamond shape head and it was about this long with two yellow stripes!" She holds her arms out wide, indicating a two foot snake. Apparently, I almost stepped on the slimy bugger and didn't even know it.

As luck has it, my hubby's combine breaks down and we are forced to fetch him. This will give us a chance to take a look at the reptile if it's still there. Alex comes with to provide the exact coordinates.

We edge closer to the alleged location, safely in the Equinox. Then she points it out, "There it is. That's it!"

Apparently, I squashed the monster with my gigantic foot. But I still can't see it well. I back up and sidewind near that black spot on the road. Yep. It's a snake. I probably did it unknowlingly because it's about as wide as a pencil. It's hard to judge the length because it's all coiled up.

Talk about exaggeration...I was expecting some sort of serpent-monster that could've eaten both Alex and me in one bite. Well, I can hardly blame Alex. Perhaps she gets her story-telling abilities honestly.

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Anonymous said...

That's STILL not exactly what happened... I said the snake was LONG not BIG! It looked like a lot of coils... and the head looked big compared to the body. But who really doesn't react when they see a snake an inch or two or three away from them?