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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy as a Best Buy Employee

The other day we needed to spend Cole's gift cards at Best Buy. Truthfully it's not my favorite store, but I was amused and somewhat inspired!

(Let me preface, that we arrived a few minutes for 10:00 AM and there was already a line-up --many parents with kids carrying gift cards.) Now, back to my observation. Have you ever noticed how much joy the Best Buy employees carry while working? (Apparently, you need to be a college boy to have any future there.) It's quite contagious. While I impatiently waited for Cole to select a new DS game, a staff member came up to us full of vigor. Now, the guy reminded me of someone who could've walked straight out of a Seth Rogen movie...speaking with a lisp and all. But it was within minutes this guy had me completely excited about the new Lego Batman game for the WII. I found myself eyebrows raised, goofish smile and nodding with unyielding approval. Yes! Batman Lego for the WII. It's genius!

Anyway, the experience made me rethink my somber, taciturn nature. Yes, that's the real me. But it doesn't have to be. I like what I do. I just need to be happier about it.

Joy. That's my new mantra. I bet they won't even recognize me at the Bank. Anytime I feel the cynicism begin to creep into my soul, I'll quickly exit and find the nearest Best Buy.

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