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Monday, September 7, 2009

Mr. Clean? NOT!

I'm going to try an experiment -- go all day without wiping my mouth once.

Cole is now eight years old. At any one point of the day, you can find brown crustaceans surrounding his mouth, a colorful (preferably orange, blue, red or green) mustache, and usually one or two big sticky spots of who-knows-what on his cheek. A quick glance at Cole makes my Mom-spit reflectively burst to the roof of my mouth, ready to leap to my best scrubbing finger.

I asked him how he could stand to have all that food, eating away on his skin. He just ran away, most likely fearing the suggestion of a completely hose-down, aka, a shower.

There's no doubt in my mind that hygiene is not innate. But at what point does a child realize they stink? While Alex has certainly gotten better, we still do our fair share of reminding.

Anyone? Does anyone have thoughts on this? Please don't comment that your child requests to have baths daily and washes their hands before and after every meal.

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Anonymous said...

Rachel is the same exact way. She always has a big chocolate ring around her mouth. She's 8. Just last night, she sported a blue ring - gaterade. I say drink it, not wear it! - dee