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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shopping Trip: Day 1 Report

I write this as Mom applies the final touches of her cosmetics before we step out to our 2nd Day of my 40th Birthday weekend shopping trip...just a few notable updates:

*Alex had great luck at Forever 21. She now will be able to attend Sturgis next year.
*Mom and I have only purchased one identical item and it's merely a sweatshirt from Gap, and they are completely different colors (light coral and dark coral).
*Much too my relief (and I think Mom and Alex's), it appears that my summer shoe drought is OVER! I have been pained by my inability to find shoes this season. However, yesterday the floodgate opened.
*We were too late for Julie and Julia, so caught The Proposal instead. A must-see if you're in the mood for laughter.

Through out the commotion of our purchases, I lost my pj's last night. Luckily Alex found them in my suitcase after "a treacherous scavenger hunt through the maze dresses, shoes, jackets, gloves and funky jeans."

Good news...Alex didn't kick last night. Mom didn't snore. I only giggled a little.

We're off... to feed the starving child.

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