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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Schedule Your Mammogram!

I faintly recall that in my last blog I had decided to embark on some sort of project in regard to updating my kitchenware. Since that last post, I've attended meetings, helped Alex plan her "first day of school outfit," attended meetings, rushed the kids off to the first day of school, played piano for the first Mass of the school year, attended meetings, responded to sixteen billion emails, planned Alex's "second day of school outfit," and then one day after work, I listened to my answering machine. The hospital called back to say they wanted me to come back in.

Our local medical center is very diligent about women's health. I think on the date of my birthday, I received a letter stating that with my 40th birthday comes a responsibility to schedule a mammogram. Sure. Will do...

When I didn't schedule it, I received another letter wondering why they hadn't heard from me. Could their persistence be a sign from God? So, I made the appointment, went through the smashing and that was that. Check another task off the list.

A week later is when I received the message . "Not to worry though...many women are called back in," she told me in a fairly convincing voice. I tried not to worry. But after a few bouts of diarrhea, somewhere in the recesses of my brain, I was worrying.

The battery of my right breast included amazing twists, turns and somersaults. After staring at the amazing face of a 55-year old Christi Brinkley on the cover of a magazine, the radiologist came into the room. I had prepared myself. I was ready for my breast reduction surgery and to start whatever treatment he recommended. But, he looked at me, smiled and said, "looks like everything is okay. We were able to flatten out the dark tissue."

Incredible. My mind became suddenly cleared. Diarrhea went away. And I could go back to worrying about Alex's wardrobe.

That other project I started. What was it again? Extreme Gourmet Make-over? I'll get to that just as soon as I celebrate life with my family and friends bit more.

P.S. I considered hiding the news from my hubby as he became the most sensitive man I ever met for 24 hours. But I couldn't do it to him. I shared the good news, and he's back to normal, thank God.
Look how perfectly coordinated the kids are for the first day of school! I'm really glad I got to help pick the clothes out...

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CAMprinc1 said...

Ummm...the outfit, no offense as my daughter is 8 and I can't imagine the outfits she's going to wear. But...sorta looks like she's heading for an audition for a music video :D.

It's cute and not innappropriate (a principal would know). But after reading your book I had to chuckle.