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Monday, August 17, 2009

Hell's Kitchen?

When we built our house, I told my hubby that I'd be much more apt to cook with a new kitchen. He chuckled politely to himself. But I'd show him.

He's still waiting for me to show him. Well, I've come to realize, it's not so much the kitchen the inspires one to cook. It's about the cookery and gadgets!

I have three very good friends with kitchens that would make Williams-Sonoma jealous. I could spend days roaming through their cupboards and pantries, astonished by the level of organization and sophistication of their feeding systems. It makes me feel completely intimidated by my general ignorance of appliances and utensils.

So, I've enlisted my friend (Amy Ray Deen) to help me convert my Hell's Kitchen into something inspiring. I don't need a major facelift - just a lesson in organization and ultimate elimination of any remnant left over from college...

So here we start...Extreme Gourmet Makeover.

After completing my initial interview with Amy, I decide my first purchase should be a skillet since the teflon of my old skillet has pretty much made it's way into the bellies of my family. And after a huge family debate in Kohl's, I decide that my family will no longer be involved with the project. (Doug didn't care what I selected "Just pick one!" Alex and Cole eerily had strong opinions. So strong, that one left the section in a huff.) From now on, only my consultants can accompany on a purchasing trip. Next purchase? A roaster or a blender. I'll let you know after I've visited with my people.

Next post: Outline for the makeover and a maybe few photos of kitchen extraordinairres.

I wonder if this will get me any Pampered Chef invitations.

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