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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Birthday Celebration

This week we celebrated Doug's birthday. For so little planning, it turned out to be a great success! A few highlights included

*Recycled gifts from Cole including a Dolphins helmet and Eragon, the novel.
*Much entertainment for the whole family from a quaint little coffee table book, titled FARTS.
*Art in the form of a chocolate cake by Alex. Has anyone ever microwaved Betty Crocker chocolate frosting? Give it a try!
*A little too much wine (for me).
*Not quite enough beer (for Doug).
*A surprise visit from my cousin and her husband! It was like I planned a party.
*A little diddy, composed by Cole, which referenced beer drinking...hmmm. Too much Nickelback or too much male-bonding with Doug and godfather Jim?

The delightful evening was topped off by a spine-tingling rendition of Happy Birthday and zero proof of any girlfriends for my hubby. Who could ask for more?

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