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Monday, August 24, 2009

On the Maintenance of Boys and Girls

In some ways, my kids are quite similar. Artistic, creative, humorous, sensitive. These adjectives would describe both of the them. But when it comes to maintenance, the kids are polar opposites.

Some of you may remember Alex's birthday soiree. We rented an old Caddie, although she wanted a real limo. We took her guests to the country club, although she would have preferred something a bit more swanky. She really needed a flat screen TV for her room, with a DVD player so they could watch Audrey Hepburn movies all night. The cake needed to be in the form of a hat to go with the theme. And can we get pedicures and manicures before the party? And can we...STOP! Alex, we're not like those rich folks from the city who spend thousands on birthday parties!

Then there's Cole...

"Cole, what do you want to do for your birthday?"

He looks up in earnest, "Can we go to Burger King?"

Doug and I look at each other. "Sure. What else?"

With a shrug, he responds, "I don't care."

Looks like it's Burger King for Cole. But of course, we'll figure out a few more things for him in attempt to equalize the spending. Although, I know we won't come close. Even if we give Cole everything he asked for.

Let's just hope that our kids NEVER measure our love by the amount we spend on each of them. Of course, Doug keeps mentioning that Cole hasn't hit the expensive stage yet. Wonder what that could mean...

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