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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Food Protection Program

Apparently, I needed confirmation from other mothers that it's okay to eat the last piece. I especially like Suzy's response -- just cut a sliver around the edges. Perfect! Okay, this is what prompted the survey...

The other night the kids stayed at my parents while Doug worked and I attended a meeting. Mom was hosting her Bridge Club, as the kids watched TV in the other room. When I came to pick up the kids, Mom was just getting ready to serve dessert. As usual, Alex and Cole dawdled, converting a two-minute exit into a fifteen minute trek to the car. Alex was particularly slow – and that is saying something because she is always particularly slow. It wasn’t until we were finally driving home when I felt the wrath of Alex’s anger. (Yes, this is my sweet, always full of sunshine girl.)

“Why couldn’t we have waited two minutes for the strawberry dessert!” Alex roared.

“Honey, that dessert wasn’t even for us – it was for Grandma’s guests anyway.”

“I’m SURE there would have been enough for us.” Then the pout began.

It freaks me out. My roommates (Doug, Alex and Cole) are SO passionate about their food. There are certain foods I won’t even purchase to circumvent combat. Zebra cakes? Nope. Powdered Donuts? Don’t need the mess anyway. Lofthouse sugar cookies. Don’t even go there.

Of course the problem occurs when only a crumb of a treat remains. Sparks fly! “Who ate the last piece? Dad! Did you do it? I only had, like, three of them!”

Of course, I usually don’t partake in any of it to avoid being implicated. (It helps on calorie intake as well.) But it still just blows my mind to see how protective of food they can be.

Well, some food. Only rich, fatty desserts come to think of it. There never seems to be an issue when I eat the last carrot. Go figure.

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