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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Showers and Gratitude

I attended a surprise baby shower today, so the words ‘precious’ and ‘adorable’ keep floating through my head. Adorable decorations...Precious baby clothes...Really yummy desserts..It’s enough to make you want to have another baby, almost.

Actually, what I found most touching was the mommy-to-be’s reaction to the surprise party. With each card she read and every gift she opened, my sweet, African friend became weepy-eyed, overcome with gratitude.

I thought to myself, has any gift ever moved me to tears? Have I ever been that grateful? Now, I’ve received an abundance of extremely thoughtful gifts in my life. (I am an only child for those of you who don’t know.) But I’m almost positive that my reaction to every gift I’ve received has been more like “Lucky me!”

As my friend grew closer to opening my gift, I started to get nervous. All of these cards she was reading must have had some very moving words. My card was more like a tag, without the envelope because I realized at the last minute I spelled her last name wrong. My tag was cleverly labeled “Baby” on the front. And I filled the blank inside with a “To” and a “From.” Oh, I think I added “Can’t wait to hold the baby!” My daughter nicely mentioned, “Nice, Mom. And you’re a writer?”

So, Annette, this is for you…

May you and your family enjoy another great blessing. Our family is touched to share in your joy and friendship. We look forward to extending our love to your new baby. God Bless.

I considered googling a quote. But after observing you today, I’m attempting not to be so shallow. So those words may not be poetic, but they are genuine.

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