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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Thing about Grandpa

Success. My kids are fed before 9:00 this evening, one is showered and one has socks for tomorrow. Sorry, I don't mean to brag...

So, the other evening, we're driving home, having another thoughtful discussion when Cole mentions, with a devious smile,

"Grandpa gave me a sip of beer tonight."

"What! No way. I'm gonna call him."

I call Dad, get voicemail. "Dad. Um, well, I'm just a little concerned. Cole told me that he shared a beer with you, and frankly, I think he's too young."

I don't receive a call back, but later that evening Cole has a secret conversation with Dad.

"Cole, I think we're in trouble. I got a voicemail from your Mom. We need to get our stories straight here. So, if she asks you anything, tell her that you only had one beer. Got it?"

"Okay. Got it, Grandpa."

I guess he pulled that one past me. Wonder if I can get Dad to convince Cole that cleaning one's room is a misdemeanor, that no mother should know about.

Too much Sprite? Or Beer?

1 comment:

I am P said...

lol. what's next, (candy) cigarettes?? gotta love grandpa's