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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Man's Man

I love my hubby. He's a real man's man. He likes meat, sports, beer, blood-n-guts movies, girls in bikinis, motorcycles, gadgets, and any war segment on the History Channel.

Guided by a strong sense of right and wrong, he greatly amuses his girly-girl wife. For example, today. On our way home from a biddy ball game (another blog in itself), Doug receives a call from an old high school buddy who wants to see if a few of the guys can get together tonight. Being the thoughtful person he is, he invited the guys to come over to our house and drink some beer. Good idea, Honey. We built an open floor plan in our cozy 1700 square foot house, which allows voices, especially drinking voices, to carry throughout. Doug's theory: I would prefer to have his drinking buddies at our house, so I could be closer to him.

"Hon, are you sure they just want to sit around our house? Wouldn't you rather all go to the bar?" I ask sincerely.

He's pauses, sensing a trap. "Well, probably. But would you be mad?"

"No,that's okay. You go have fun." My martyrdom will easily grant me a trip to the theatre to view a romantic comedy.

He seems a bit relieved, then asks, "What's my curfew?"

I ponder a bit. "Not sure. How about I call you if you're not home at a reasonable time?"

(Deep down, I know this won't work. Do you know there are no bars in this area with any cell phone reception? NONE! But I'm trying to instill in him the sense to come home at a decent time so I can sleep peacefully.)

The conversation becomes interrupted as soon as his remote discovers the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Then two of the Jims show up to have a few beers, before they all have a few beers.

Here's the amusing part of the Jim, Jim and Doug are sitting around chatting and drinking, he's promoting my book to his buddies. Rubigunda. The book which revolves around the theme of motherhood and girl connections. It's sweet and makes me smile. That's my man's man.

But never their conversation has moved on to snipers and high-powered rifles.

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Linda @electric breast pump said...

Did you just say he loves girls in bikini's? oh yeah you did! I would never say that because I kind of feel jealous when my husband stares at girls in bikinis! just kidding LOL! nice post.