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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Women: Unite for Happiness!

There's a fairly high chance that this blog will be disjointed, similar to the chaos in my mind as we scramble to keep up with the general commotion that goes along with the banking world in January. (Not to mention that my boss, the president, resigned, the holding company handed out a different set of goals and we now need to completely revamp our strategic plan for 2009.) Anyway, today my general topic is on happiness. Here are a few thoughts:

1. There seems to be a direct correlation between a man's happiness and his ability to poop.
2. Doug asked me why I was so unhappy lately. Actually, it didn't even occur to me that I was unhappy. I've been too busy to think about it.
3. Friendships are critical to my daughter's state of matter how much time she gets to spend with her cool mom.
4. My son is happy as long as he is not sitting still.
5. Coming home to a clean kitchen makes me smile.
6. Apparently, I was much happier as a teen. Mom was relating a story about me, in high school, being observed by another mother on how sweet I was. When I interjected, "What happened to me then?" Mom immediately confirmed the transformation of my posture. "Oh, I know," she replied, "Oprah just had an episode about hormones in your thirties and forties. You need to watch it." Touche'.
7. I stopped eating peanut butter the other day. The salmonella poisoning should start correcting itself soon. That will definitely make me happier.

Actually, I've always said that happiness is a choice, much to the irritation of others. So, I'm going to check out and figure out how to negotiate some happiness with my hormones. Wish me luck.

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