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Thursday, November 6, 2008

What do you want to be?

I love asking the kids that question. Of course, all parents secretly hope their kids aspire to be doctors. Alex will most certainly become doctor, if they grant PhD's in fashion design. As for Cole...well, he'll need to develop a much greater love for school curricula. A biology lab may intrigue him, but he's got to get through grade school first. And according to him, it's hell.

Nonetheless, it's entertaining to hear about the futures they've carved out for themselves. Alex has dabbled in many professions. (Medical doctor was nixed when she learned how much gore she might deal with.) Doctor, vet (also ruled out with the blood thing), Dairy Queen worker, artist, actress, fashion designer...With her Catholic school education, I thought maybe she would want to devote her life to something with a greater social cause. Apparently not. Dairy Queen was as close as it ever got. On the way home from dance one night, her friends were declaring very worthy vocations. "Veterinarian." "Teacher!" Not my girl. It's Paris or bust.

Cole, of course, has had his heart set on becoming Batman or Spiderman. But guess what he told me last weekend? He wants to be a farmer! Isn't that sweet? He wants to follow in his daddy's footsteps. Within the conversation about his future farming endeavors, he informed me that he'd need to be excused from school in the future to help on the farm, just like Dad did when he was in school. Aha. The farming fantasy might be short-lived once he finds out that there's real work involved. And no school-skipping.

So, what do YOU want to be? I think we all should continue to ask this question to ourselves. Lord knows, I've considered many, many careers. Believe it or not, I still dream about becoming something other than a banker. (I know that's hard to believe!) Sometimes it's a writer. Sometimes it's a business-owner. Sometimes it's something CRAZY like an actress. But, then I think back to my twenties and recall the aspects that drew me to my current career.

I go back to work, and enjoy those very same aspects. But I never quit dreaming.

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