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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Cranberry Wreath

I was watching a Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Special the other night. The segment on making a cranberry wreath was particularly mesmerizing. In case you missed the episode, I'll do a quick recap of the steps:

1) Harvest your cranberries. Martha prefers to use an antique hand-held harvester. It adds a certain element of nostalgia.
2) Put your bushel of cranberries aside for later.
3) Find a styrofoam wreath (in any craft store, or perhaps in your craft supplies)and paint it dark red. No, the styrofoam won't show, but you'll have the inner satisfaction of knowing that under those berries is something more than an ugly piece of white styrofoam.
4) Break 100-200 toothpicks in half.
5) Take a berry and insert the 1/2 toothpick into the 'butt' of the cranberry. Stick the toothpick into the styrofoam, allowing the beautiful stem side to be sunny-side up.
6) Repeat step #5 a few hundred times until the wreath is completely covered. Martha suggested arranging the cranberries in a diagonal swag. I'm not sure if it makes much difference since the entire wreath will be covered, but she seemed to know what she was doing. If you made it this far, I wouldn't deviate from the plan.
7) Voila! Enjoy the wreath! Martha mentioned that it will only last a couple of weeks, so I'd take it everywhere you go for awhile.

Oh, Martha. I so wish I had an ounce of your domestic skills. One single ounce.


An Iowa Mom said...

Why do I have a sudden urge to go get me some cranberries?


Anonymous said...

By the time I went to the Orchard to get the berries, Oaks to get the wreath, Marketplace to get the paint, Fareway to get the toothpicks, I'd have to go to Myrtue to get the pills!!! :) Maybe I could buy one at Odds & Ends??