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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Puffy Coat

There's a controversy brewing in the Kramer household as the temperature begins to plunge outside.

"It's gonna be a cold one Kids! Get your winter coats on."

Alex was excited about the news so she could sport her new coat. (She wore a hand-me-down from me last year. In her book, that's admission into martyrdom.) Cole wasn't so excited. As a matter of fact, he was downright pouty. I somewhat expected the reaction since he grimaced a few weeks ago when I made him try on his $80 Spiderman parka (from last year). It still fit him fine.

"But Mom! It's so puffy! It makes me look fat!"

This kid weighs 50 pounds soaking wet at the age of seven. He must be

a) anorexic,
b) delusional,
c) stubborn or
d) spoiled

I think it's a combination of b,c and d.

Since the clock was ticking and I was trying, once again, to make it to work by a decent time, I compromised. He had to wear a hooded sweatshirt under another fall jacket WITH his stocking hat and gloves. So far, the 2-jacket system hasn't gotten me a call from the school, but we're only about ten degrees away from a complete confrontation about old puffy coat.

I'll have to put on my tough Mom act, since Doug is very well-aware of the situation and refuses to buy him another coat. (Our kids are already spoiled enough...) Dad's right, I know.

But I feel this weakness arising in me. Something is calling me to shop for a boy's winter coat. I know I shouldn't. But what if I can't get him to wear Spiderman again? What if he freezes to death in his two jackets? Could my maternal instinct cause me to be irrational about his ability to keep warm. (Can you relate?)

I need to be strong. Throw away the Lands End catelog. Hide my eyes as I walk by the Children's Place.

And let Doug handle the battle of the puffy coat.


Mom of 2 Boyz said...

New to your blog and love it! I can totally relate all the way here on Long Island. So, is he wearing the puffy coat, or did you cave and get a new one? That's what i would have done, he probably doesnt like spidey anymore!

Stef Kramer said...

I'm proud to say that I have not yet caved in; however, even I'm starting to get sick of seeing that Spidey coat myself. Just maybe Santa will bring him something new. And it won't be a super-hero coat. Super-heros can adorn his hats and mittens. Since we go through ten pairs of hat/mittens per season anyway, no one will get sick of them.