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Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's My Life

My mind is chock full of blog postings, but my schedule seems too tight to give any one subject much time. So, here's just a few things on my mind to share with ya'll.

...I'm a horrible granddaughter. I have one living grandmother and it took my step-grandfather having an emergency surgery and being put in the ICU for me to visit them. I'm ashamed to admit how long it was before we visited and they only live fifteen miles away. And they're great! I love talking to Grandma. She's funny and sweet. She's the coolest 80+ year-old that I know, tattoo and all...

...After two guitar lessons, Alex is now in a band called Roxi. She has sung me three of her songs. How does an 11-year old develop all this anger and resentment over men?

...Flash is still alive.

...I'm on my way to becoming a harvest widow as Doug has spent every free minute preparing for the big season.

...New longer will I shop for unnecessary stuff to teach my kids a lesson...I'll let you know how this goes...

...My grandma is great and I've learned some very interesting information about my ancestors. (It's research for our trip to NYC in December.) Apparently there's a fair bit of promiscuity in my lineage. Whoa. It sure gives me some new ideas for novels.

...My bowels seem to be back to normal. Thanks for asking.

...Doug and I disagree about international adoption...

...With the rest of the world, I'm watching the U.S. financial crisis unfold. I'm glad to be working for the Shelby County State Bank so I can look customers in the eye with utmost confidence and tell them their dollars are safe with us. (There's absolutely no bit of sarcasm in that statement.)

And as Tigger says, TTFN (ta ta for now).... until I find a bit more time.

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