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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Power of Movie

Mom just posted a great blog , illumining her thoughts on the power of a book (and consequently how the cause of reading will be rooted in our new business.) She makes a point not to dismiss the art of a movie. Coincidentally, I forced myself to watch a movie this weekend that helped me to transform a pesky bad mood that began sometime after "the weekend from hell."

P.S. I Love You, as recommended by Amy, has been sitting on the armoirre for well over a week now. (Ok, Netflix, it's on it's way back.) I hesitated to watch knowing that a movie about a deceased spouse would probably have me doused in tears. And it did. However, the movie is a bit more light-hearted than you might presume and I highly suggest a viewing to anyone who

1. needs to reminded how much they love their spouse.
2. wants to remember who they are.
3. should learn that passion makes life worthwhile.

Oh, and lest I forget...

4. believes Irish accents are completely irresistable. ( I wonder if my German-blooded husband could learn Gaelic.)

Anyway, thanks to all of you for allowing me to share my passion of writing. Next to my family and friends, it's another joy that makes my life blessed.

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