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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stupid Mom Tricks

I now have a reason to laugh every morning as I give my kids their allergy medicine. Normally, I don't take medicine-taking in such a jovial manner. But it now reminds me of an occurrence that happened two weeks ago when we took our adventurous escape to Des Moines.

On the way, I realized I had completely forgotten both of the kid's allergy medicine. So we stopped at a convenience store and I found Claritin -- not specifically made for children, but the label, which I read diligently, said could be used for kids and adults. I also wanted the kind that dissolves in the mouth, so no drink was necessary. (Why I needed this feature I'm unsure, since we all had our own sodas by then.)

Anyway, I distributed the medicine in the car and instructed the kids to allow the pill to dissolve in their mouth. They obliged without any fuss.

The next morning, I disbursed the allergy medicine for the day. Cole said, "UGH!" and ran into the bathroom. Alex complained, "Oh, do we have to?"

What? The day's only beginning and we're already whining? Only the second day into our little escape!

"What's going on? It's just allergy medicine."

As Cole remained in the bathroom, Alex groaned, "But they taste horrible!"

They taste horrible? They just dissolve in your mouth, right? Wait, don't they dissolve in your mouth? I grabbed the label, which I so carefully read yesterday. Hmmm. Nope -- not a word about dissolving in the mouth. These pills were to be swallowed.

I was so proud of the kids. They sat in their seats during our travels, sucking on a bitter pill until it was gone -- without one complaint! Of course, I'm not completely sure that Cole didn't spit his out. But not my faithful Alex. She let the horrible-tasting pill evaporate in her mouth.

So, what's amiss here? They'll eat a yucky pill but gag if I serve them broccoli.

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CAMprinc1 said...

WOW, they are obedient! I think that constitutes torture!

Iowa-Minnesota at Johnny's. Family affair (if you expose your family to drinking adults) with a bus and a pre-game/post-game party.

Let me know if you're interested.