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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Mother's Day Salute!

On Tuesday night my mom, my daughter and I shared an enjoyable evening of preparing a meal for my dad's birthday. We rinsed, chopped, marinated, seasoned, stirred, tenderized and grilled a lovely and delicious meal. Seriously! Now, I'm close to my mom. Real close. Rarely a day goes by when we don't chat about something or another. But this was truly the first time I remember cooking with my mother -- for fun.

And it was really fun.

There's a fair chance Mom might argue the fact we've never cooked together for fun, but truthfully we've rarely cooked together -- ever. She always made the entire meal. I was in charge of setting the table. Case in Point: As I positioned the chicken to slice the fat and cut the breast in half, Mom politely took the knife out of my hand and began to cut. "Mom! I'm thirty-eight years old. I can do this without cutting myself." She smiled and gave me back the knife. I'm happy to report no nicks, scrapes or open wounds from the task. (I must admit, I understand my mother's reaction. I do it all the time when I see Alex slicing something.)

Anyway, I babble for a reason. How many of us run home after work, soccer practice or a baseball game only to frantically prepare a meal while sifting through the mail, skimming the daily headlines and starting one more load of laundry? I remember my mother performing this exercise and I do the exact same thing.

But things are gonna change.

Tuesday night, Mom explained to me her new routine. Rather than rushing home to make a meal after work, she and Dad share a glass of wine or beer as they explore dinner options. They have transformed a task into an experience of discovering foods, various preparations and techniques. No, she doesn't get as much done at night, but who cares? The meal is no longer a chore, but something they enjoy doing together.

What a great lesson to share with a daughter before Mother's Day.

(Note to self: Pick up a couple of bottles of Reisling.)

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Anonymous said...

Making yourself slow down and enjoy the moment is sometimes difficult, but worth it...