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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ironman meets What Not to Wear...

Men and boys came out in droves Friday night for the opening of "Iron Man". It was truly a male bonding event. Between the action, gadgetry and a glimpse of female pole dancing, my husband(Doug)and son(Cole) seem to be in movie heaven. It was kind of sweet.

I could see the light bulbs going off in the heads of the Kramer males. Of course, Cole's motives were easily disclosed. Throughout the movie, he kept asking me for opinions of the various Ironman suits. (Halloween will still be impossible to predict, since we have an entire summer of super hero movies to get through this year.) I should have let Cole and Doug sit together to commentate, but the other theater-goers might have been annoyed by the discourse. Oh well. There has been plenty of debriefing this weekend. After all, Doug is a machinist, can weld and has a big shop for projects like these. If Tony Stark could piece together a fully-armored, weapon-loaded flying costume in a cave, what couldn't our men do? And if they run into some problems, my Dad (a machinist himself) is just a phone call away!

My daughter and I happen to be those type of people that love every movie, no matter how horrible the script, acting or plot may be. It's no surprise that we were wildly entertained as well. (Alex was only mildly disturbed about not having any friends in the theatre to ditch her parents and brother.) But the most enjoyable part of the movie, in my perspective, was the observation of the male bonding in our household. It really makes me appreciative of the common interests of our male gender -- just as I know they appreciate the common interests of the female gender. (Did any of you laugh?) It's true! I know this because as soon as we returned from the movie, all four of us snuggled in bed and watched two episodes of "What Not to Wear". And the boys didn't fall asleep.

(Sorry, Honey. I had to tell to make my point.)

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