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Monday, November 6, 2017

A Day in the Life

Here's how today went. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down.
  • Walked into work and reveled over sports: Hawkeye's crushing over Ohio State, the Cyclone's winning streak and bid for the state championship, the Husker loss...
  • Excited! Booked recommended cleaner to de-grime the house before Thanksgiving.
  • Most delighted  to read Cole's weekly grade report today: all A's!
  • Less than delighted when aforementioned Cole confessed he had lost his wallet this weekend.
  • Sad! Recommended cleaner realized she had overbooked herself. De-griming will be up to me and the boys. Me, I guess.
  • A million little things blew up at work today.
  • A few really good things happened at work today.
  • Connected with daughter who is ready to come home for holidays!

I took off at 4:30 to drive the boys to one of their final soccer practices of the season. It was was scheduled at Creighton's indoor practice facility. I would have no time to waste. So I dropped them off only to receive a call a few minutes later. Their team wasn't there. So, as I drove around in DT Omaha, I combed through my email to find an update about practice. There it was. The practice had been moved to Lewis Central. So I picked the boys up and sped my way back to Council Bluffs, meeting every red light possible. Just as I broke free of traffic stops, I see the sign on the Interstate. I-29 South closed. Bugger. So, I navigated my way around Council Bluffs using my Jedi senses until I amazingly found myself driving by the AMC.

"Cole!" I said. "You're going to run into the theater to see if you left your wallet there. We're already late."


The wallet was found! Sans a debit card. Argh. (Luckily, I work at a bank.)

Eventually we made it to practice, an hour late.

I called my hubby up in arms about the screwy day. I won't lie. I ranted a bit. That's when he told me his mother had a bit of a scare this afternoon. Her blood pressure blew up. My mother-in-law is 85 years-old and has already had two heart surgeries.

What was I complaining about?

As it turns out, she needs to have some medication adjusted and is better tonight. But still. It was a swift shift of perspective. What does a soccer practice or lost wallet matter? Really?

So, actually my day was mostly up. We're all here and very soon will get to curl into a warm, cozy bed.


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